Tall Forest WaterfallsStart Here and Go Forward - Group Coaching

- a program based on Wellness Coaching to help people prevent cancer

Comments are from the group held in Spring 2010:

"I really enjoyed Lynn's coaching..."

"Very enjoyable! Learned a lot!"

"Great session"

"Thanks for offering such a course..."

"Thanks so much Lynn. This program is great. I feel so encouraged"

"Lynn: You are so great at putting things in perspective and making everything seem so positive"

Individual Wellness Coaching

"Lynn leads through amazing insights into one's journey through chronic illness and pain. These insights are the difference between struggling ineptly to free oneself from a downward spiral of confusion and burden, to walking confidently down a path leading to improved health and well-being.”
Deb M.

"Lynn is an amazing wellness coach. She coaches with a kind heart and has an innate gift of putting people at ease and bringing them to an awareness of their wellness desires. The clarity I have gained through our discussion has given me more confidence and has helped me create a manageable framework for wellness -- having Lynn assist me with developing practical goals and keep me focused has made all the difference. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone ready to make positive changes in their lives and/or wishes to improve their wellness status."
Debbie P.

The following testimonials are based on my work with the "Finding Positive Pathways” Breast Cancer retreats which I co-founded. I led a committee which organized these retreats for 6 years in Surrey, British Columbia. The retreats were based on the "Find Your Own Road” list which now forms the basis of my coaching.

"I have known Lynn for many years. We met through the Canadian Cancer Society as volunteers with the Breast Health Committee. Lynn is a person who is one of the best listeners I know. This certainly applied to our work together on the committee - listening carefully, absorbing everything - and then out would come the most excellent ideas and suggestions - many of which were implemented.
Lynn is a big advocate of self – help; she utilizes this philosophy in her own life and helps others to attain a similar goal. One of the biggest achievements of our committee was the formation of a Retreat – held annually for women who had or who had had breast cancer. Lynn was the major player here in every aspect.
It was Lynn’s attention to detail, thoughtfulness and her availability to these people at the retreat that made this a very loved and popular event in our community. Lynn is a leader for sure and respected by all who have the pleasure of knowing her."
Connie Embley

"The retreats for me were an oasis in the battlefield of "breast cancer":getting together with other women facing the same things such as chemo, radiation, fear of the unknown, strains on relationships and questions about our ongoing health care. The retreat also provided valuable nutritional information, alternative healing methods, great food, great company, relaxation and most of all laughter. I looked forward each year to the fun and camaraderie with all of the volunteers and participants. It was a truly healing experience."
Gillian Broser