Group Coaching

Group Coaching Session 1:

Create a personal wellness plan:

  • your own vision for the future
  • 3 month goals to support your vision
  • weekly goals to bring your vision alive
  • Participants will be asked to work on goals between sessions
  • E-mail support between sessions will be provided

Group Coaching Session 2 Nutrition:

  • Eat healthy because you want to –simple changes earn big results
  • Group Coaching Session 3 Physical activity:
  • Set goals for activities you enjoy
  • Group Coaching Session 4 Sleep & deep relaxation:
  • Adequate rest promotes healing and wellness
  • Relaxation skills: deep breathing, visualization, guided imagery
  • Group Coaching Session 5 Stress management:
  • Relaxation techniques plus support system, music, laughter Navigating the health care system